Africa Montpellier

At the New Africa-France Summit, held in Montpellier from 7 to 9 October 2021, France is showcasing the city and its metropolitan area. Montpellier is fully committed to making this event one of public involvement, rooted in the host city.

Ecosystems involved

Montpellier’s commitment to co-construct the New Africa-France Summit illustrates its ambition to be part of a partnership for the future with Africa on an equal footing, and thus to contribute to the economic, cultural and academic impact of its stakeholders. The city’s excellent scientific assets in the fields of health, climate, agronomy and technology, in line with the key fields of Africa-France cooperation, and the vibrancy and significant presence of African diasporas, contributed to the choice of Montpellier to host the New Summit.

The city in the Summit’s colours

From June to November 2021, many events will be held across the metropolitan area, including shows, exhibitions, film screenings, conferences and sporting events. These events will be organized by local actors, supported by the city and the metropolitan area authorities. They will highlight the numerous ties between the area and Africa. From the Montpellier Dance Festival, with Salia Sanou’s musical comedy, to the United States of Africa week at the Halle Tropisme, to the Cosmogonies exhibition with the Zinsou foundation at MO.CO. and special programmes at the Printemps des Comédiens, Cinemed and Arabesque festivals, the programme is intense.

Africa Montpellier week, at the heart of Montpellier

For the duration of the Summit and to make this event a celebration for all, animations, gatherings, sports meetings, cultural events and art performances will be held in numerous locations in the city center, from Monday, October 4, to Saturday, October 9. Open to everybody, particularly young people, these events will showcase Africa’s rich culture in all its diversity and strengthen the bond connecting the city of Montpellier and the African continent.

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