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Session Higher Education Research and Innovation

Sustainable shared management of human capital and natural capital is a prerequisite for achieving sustainable development in Africa, France and Europe. The current health emergency has merely accentuated the evidence. Scientific, academic, research and education connections to the actors of citizen engagement, solidarity, business and innovation are central to the challenges of renewing our relationships. Agroecology, the fight against zoonoses, the Great Green Wall, and student exchanges between Africa and Europe will be key focuses of the discussions and addresses.  The African stakeholders concerned (NGOs, local regions, researchers) will propose scale-up solutions, alongside French stakeholders.

Session Citizen Engagement and Democracy

Security, stability and development are not seen as sustainable unless they are rooted in respect for human rights. This topic is driven by African and French young people who are connected from the ground, from regions and on social media, and by the diasporas in France. How can we give them a bigger role?

The session will address the matter of citizen engagement from two angles, both of which can generate tangible proposals for renewal: civic education shared by mobility and reciprocity across regions, and innovation serving governance and democratic practices. 

Session Culture, Heritage and Cooperation

In Ouagadougou, the President of the French Republic launched the process of returning items of African heritage in French museums. The French Ministries of Culture and Foreign and European Affairs are working closely with the relevant African institutions to agree on the scope of the items concerned and to draw up legal and logistical specifications which are essential in order to implement ongoing and future processes. 

The session will draw up a progress report on the ongoing processes in Benin and Senegal and will share with European and African partners the mechanisms used, the assessment of their effectiveness and the long-term prospects. Museum cooperation, driven by this dialogue on processes underway between heritage conservation professionals and the development of contemporary items, will be a key chapter in the future of museum partnerships.

Session Business and Innovating

In Africa and in France, businesspeople are at the forefront of invention and experimentation of new types of relationships. 

Involved in all the ongoing transformations, this new generation of entrepreneurs is organized and equipped to create new networks and new communities that are linked to each other. They contribute to creating new solutions for fairer, more equitable economic development, and to accelerate the digital transformation of organizations and skills.

Session Culturals and Creatives Industries

Young people in France and Africa have high expectations in terms of culture, involving the main sectors of contemporary cultural and creative industries, including music, cinema, animation and fashion. French expertise in these areas and the depth of creativity and initiatives in Africa are at the centre of relationships which must be enriched and renewed. The session will provide stakeholders with an opportunity to announce further programmes and resources to support them, and to step up the development of structured partnerships between French and African creators, entrepreneurs, broadcasters and financiers. 

Session Sport et développement en Afrique

In his Ouagadougou speech, the President of the French Republic stated that he wanted to make sport a “lever for young people and economic and social development in Africa”. The new Africa-France Summit must enable this ambition to be realized and permanently transform the relationship between Africa and France by strengthening soft power through sport. 

Led by African and French sportspeople, including from diasporas, the session will combine sports demonstrations and dialogues with innovative programmes to provide a different angle on developing larger-scale partnerships and support solutions. African and French sportspeople from African diasporas and diverse backgrounds will lead sessions and discussions, talking with all guests.

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